The search is on for Lollipops !!!

Cute_Lollipops_by_K_HimeI’m looking for a really good places to get tasty lollipops (at least 100 lollipops) That would be available near Galway or in Galway or an online shop. (please don’t recommend really expensive ones, I’m saving up to go to my uncles wedding)
Thank you…. By the way the lollipops are for my book launch so the winning suggestion gets a VIP ticket (joking everyone gets one)

Please post your suggsetions to me on twitter @caoimhesquill or on my facebook page  (like my page too please)


Introducing the Characters

Hi everyone! In the lead up to the big day, when I have my new book published, I thought you might like to hear a little about the characters that feature in the story! I have added a new page to the website called ‘The Characters’. I will be adding an introduction to the characters every few day between now and Launch date.
I hope you enjoy getting to know them! Especially Molly & Lola!

Welcome to the World of Caoimhe’s Quill

The Quill is one of the world’s oldest writing implements and although we live in a digital word the power of words has not changed.


My name is Caoimhe May O’Rourke, pronounced Kwe va or Queeva and this website will document my latest adventure in writing a book that will be published.   So please come back as I will be add sections of my new book here.